How to record your screen and share it privately
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Recording your screen, the old way

If you have ever tried to record and send a video to someone else, odds are that you’ve tried something similar to the below workflow:

  • Record your video using Quicktime Player (Mac) or Windows + G (PC)
  • Upload your recording to Google Drive
  • Copy the link to your video in Google Drive
  • Send an email with the link to the recording

These steps work, but this takes time and can become very cumbersome if this is something that you need to do often.

Recording your screen with RecordJoy

Is there a better way to record your screen and send it privately?

Yes, there is! With RecordJoy, you can seamlessly record your screen with 1-click.

Once you have finished your recording, you can generate a password protected share link that you can send to whoever you need to.

With RecordJoy, you no longer have to use different tools to separately record your screen, upload it, and share it. You can do it all with RecordJoy.

Simply go to to get started.

Once there, you can record your screen right from the main page. You can even choose to toggle on your audio and webcam as well.

When you are done recording, you can also add a password before uploading it if you’d like some additional security.

After recording, you have the ability to edit your video as well as add a password for extra security.

When you send a password protected link to someone, they will be prompted to enter the password before they will be able to view it.

When you share a password protected video, users will have to enter the password correctly before being able to view it